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Once an application is filed, it formally becomes a claim for benefits.  We recommend that a social security application be filed as immediately as a claimant recognizes he/she will be unable to work for an extended time.  

Have you been denied Social Security Benefits?

Learn everything you need to know about filing for Social Security benefits and appealing denied claims.

When an applicant applies for social security benefits, the applicant will provide such information as age, education, and work experience, and most importantly about the physical and/or mental problems you have which you believe will keep you from working.  The information is critical in developing and deciding your claim.  

An overview of the application process

At this point, it is highly suggested you seek legal counsel with John Moneyham who is experienced in reviewing your specific social security claim. Our firm is experienced in providing you with guidance and answers your questions.


The Social Security Disability benefits application and appeals process can seem intimidating. The more you know about the process, the better prepared you will be in presenting your case in the best possible light. John Moneyham will assist you with your questions throughout any step of your application process.  Remember, you have the right to appeal the decision on your eligibility for Social Security Disability benefits. If your appeal is denied at one step in the process, you are able to move on to the next step. John Moneyham is readily available to assist you after a denial of Social Security Disability benefits.  

If your initial claim is denied, you will have 60 days to appeal

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